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Originally Posted by xenon View Post
What I mean is there is far less chance of a problem updating maps (which is designed to be user-updatable) than attempting to make coding changes yourself with a dodgy eBay lead and / or trying to update the car's firmware with a firmware version from the Internet.

PS - When I started in IT we were loading programs from punch cards.....
lol I would have more faith in it if the maps were loaded by punchcard, but I suspect it would take about 1000 years to load that much data!

Originally Posted by alpina527 View Post
^^^^^^^^ Agreed

There is virtually no chance of bricking an ecu by updating to 2013 maps.

Flashing a Cas unit is another matter. I use a BMW Icom unit which is an expensive piece of gear. An Ebay cable might be ok for a bit of coding, but I certainly wouldn't trust it to flash an ecu with
Yep, fair enough. When I bought the maps I didn't realise they were designed to be user-updatable as everything I'd read pointed towards the dealer doing it or people remotely coding my car and me having to buy an OBD cable and stuff. This was mostly from older posts in the US forum.

Anyway I have the official maps and an official activation code. And am waaaay off topic.

So I'll just post with the spiel BMW GB gave me about security:

"On your final point regarding vehicle security, we are aware that criminal activity is becoming increasingly sophisticated. However, in terms of security, your vehicle was built to a standard that meets the criteria required to comply with all required legislations. I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that there is no manufacturing defect with your vehicle; at the time of it being built, this particular kind of crime did not exist. However, as BMW takes security very seriously, we are always updating and enhancing software. I have checked our system and can confirm that a security measure is available for your vehicle, to mitigate against this type of attack. To enable your vehicle to benefit from this additional enhancement, I have added its details to our database. You will be contacted in the near future by the staff at BMW Park Lane as soon as they are able to book your vehicle into the dealership, in order for this work to be carried out. This will be carried out free of charge as a goodwill gesture."

Looking at the above, you might have to contact them and get your car added to a database before they will do the update.
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