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Originally Posted by Dizzle View Post
So I managed to get mine booked in despite it being a 2006 model. I turned up and got turned away. Obviously I wanted to know why my car was not affected and I was told the security update was to disabled the functionality of using the blade in the key to unlock and drop the windows in the door lock. I demonstrated to them that I had this function on my 2006 but was told the update was for a ems2? and mine was an ems1 so the update couldn't be applied.

Needless to say my port has been relocated.
I tried to book my 56' car in earlier this week, they just fed me the usual "cars from 07' only, your car is not affected sir" and would not budge What a load of bollacks.

BMW should sort this out for pre 07 cars. I wouldn't be surprised if insurance premiums go up for pre 07 cars, as according to BMTrouble there is no security fix and as we all know they are still being stolen.