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Update worked perfectly on my September 2008 build E92.

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Check the other thread for DVD version.

Sidenote, so my car is at the dealer right now hopefully getting its software for the idrive updated!! and they even gave me an F30 as a loner. Alpine white on black nappa 328. I actually really like it and it drives just like my e90. Base seats suck compared to my sports package seats, but i do like the layout of the center console and idrive. New gear selector is pretty slick and the idrive screen (although no as wide) is nice up top on the dash. I do not like that they moved the cruise control to the steering wheel, i went to set it and it wasnt there! Eco pro on the highway is perfect and sport is perfect for around streets. Comfort isnt bad but i think id just leave it in sport day to day and use eco on the highway.
I got one of those new F30 loaners last time I was at the dealer as well. The one I got had the M-Sport package and was that awesome blue color they use on all the advertisements. Overall, I think the new 328 is a big step up above the E90 328. The little turbo motor really makes the car a lot more fun to drive as it isn't such a dog anymore, especially at low RPM. The new auto transmission shifts really fast, too. The different driving modes were fun to play with as well, and you could really feel the difference between them. I'm not sold on the interior layout, though. But overall, it is a pretty good car.