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Originally Posted by bling_singh View Post
Sorry I should've mentioned, it would be sanded it down and the clear reapplied. Not just a layer of clear on top of what is already there. It would cost more than a detail, but the quote I'm getting for it wouldn't be exorbitant considering the work done.

I meant protecting from scratches in that any potential deep scratches in the future could be mitigated by a thicker coat of clear, thus saving the paint. Of course it's all contingent on if the paint is saved during the sanding process.

Glad to bring some amusement, as I said when it comes to paint correction/restoration I'm a noob. Just looking for advice as this is a car I plan to hold on to for years to come.
Gotcha!!!! I understand now.

IMO. A respray would work but it might be an overkill. To correct light scratches and swirls shouldn't take much clear off the car. A good detailer would have a paint gauge and they would be able to tell. Another method is Opti-coat and you would apply this once the paint has been corrected. Another benefit of Opti-coat is..... you wouldn't have to wax or seal your car after for years.
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