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E92 Coupe Oil change questions

I have a 2012 E92 coupe AT RWD. I've done a great amount of research and this site is very resourceful. I just want to confirm a few things before I purchase the supplies and do it myself:

1) The oil's I have narrowed it down to are either Castrol Syntec 5W-30 and Mobil 0W-40. Either one should be fine as long as they are LL-01. Any specific place I should buy besides autozone or walmart?

2) The oil filter will have 1 big ring, 1 small ring, and a replacement washer for the oil drain plug. Should I be able to purchase this at autozone or walmart?

3) In order to jack up the car, there are 4 jack points as stated in the owner's manual. I should be able to put my jack under one of the 2 points in the front and jack the car up and I should be good? Where would I put my jack stands or I'm assuming they go under the jack points?

Any input is appreciated..