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Sound like the wheel are made in china and these guys are selling things they do not have.

I have been seeing this alot recently, companies sell things when they do not actually stock the parts. They hope to get enough orders to allow them to make large buys over seas and make more of a profit for themselves. In the case of the op he happen to pick a wheels that no one else is buying and the dealer is not willing to take a loss or low profit to complete the order. So they hope the op cancels or orders something else.

I had a buddy who use to run a online company in the late 90's for Land Cruiser parts, he stock very few parts most of the parts were dropped shipped from other distributors or the manufacture directly. This work fine for a while until the manufacturers or disty began screwing him by not shipping things or screw up what they ship which cost my buddy to incur costs. In the end it put him out of business. He had great customer service but as everyone here is doing people just ripped him about because of these things.

Before I place an order with any company I never done business with before I do a quick search of the web of their back ground and other peoples experience with them. It easy to spot the red flags with some of these company, they may be generally ok but, they do odd things like this.

The other one I tell people to be careful about are these small family owned company who claim to be good Christians and they profess their faith to the world as part of them doing business. Whether they are good Christians or not they will screw you in a second. These people prey on people being gullible.

It is the old buyer beware, do not trust anyone and do your research before you spend money with someone you do not know. Everyone is trying to be a virtual store these days with no inventory and hope all their suppliers behave themselves. As you will see it just does not work well.

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