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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
Personally I liked the video because 1. The cool video tech he used on the scope and 2. the shots were very nice shots.

I recently read a hunting thread "Everything went wrong today" on one of my gun forums where the guy said he shot a running buck, and then when they caught up to it it was still alive and struggling so they shot it again with a handgun, then it tried to run away some more and then after 2 more shots it finally died.

READING that was WAY more disturbing to me than watching this video.
If you are not a hunter, there is no way to convey to a non-hunter how important and fundamental a "clean" kill is..some people will take a stand and say "any" killing is wrong..which is their right. But for those of us who hunt, I see these videos as an affirmation of how to take game down as cleanly and expeditiously as posssible..which is the whole point.

All these are extraneous arguments on this thread are just that..extraneous..and have no business being discussed here