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I tried to ask for the "BMW Z4 Embroidered Floor Mat" at first($115 on website) but the my CA said it's beyond her power.. But she manage to promise me a M-sport key chain and 2 M badge pin.
but the story's not end, yesterday she send me a email asking a favor to do a good review on her and promise me "another even better gift". (didnt tell me what exactly)
Will come back to update when I get it.

overall, she seems nice!

Originally Posted by Mentos View Post
OP did you get any freebies in the end? Picking mine up early next week, but think wether I get any freebies will depend on if my GF can get the afternoon off to come with me. Last time she went with me to do a deal on a car she wondered around looking at all the merchandise, making nice comments about it all. That and a little fluttering of the eyelashes (she didn't explicitly ask for anything) meant on pick up day I got the car and she got big bunch of flowers, champagne, chocolates and a few nick nacks (pen, key ring, etc) :/