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Not sure what can be done, but certainly this needs to be addressed. We have had 3 mass shootings since the end of October. This needs to stop. The US as a nation needs to address this issue. We can't keep doing nothing after these event, then expect things to magically change.

Here's a little anecdote I would like to share. On my way back from the USGP, I stopped in Yuma, AZ to pick up some fuel. It was 10am on a tues morning, go into a very packed Chevron station. One of the customers inside the "store" area has a pistol on his hip. Obviously a citizen, not a law enforcement. Here is my question about the situation, as someone who comes from a state where we don't have open carry laws. Why does that individual need to bring a pistol into the gas station @ 10am? Is Yuma such a bad city that one needs to be armed at all times to be safe?

When I lived in Vancouver BC, a friend who owned a gun wasn't allowed to even stop for gas if his firearms were in his vehicle. Very different to what I experienced in AZ.
He doesn't need to. But he has a right to. Just like we don't need cars, but by our right we own and drive them. Yes i realize that the sprawling culture we live it nearly makes it necessary to own a car but i see plenty of people out there getting by with out them. The point is that there are many things people don't need to do, but by our constitutional rights we do them anyway.

There was a video posted somewhere in this forum recently. Some idiot was exercising his right to open carry his firearm and record any incidents with law enforcement. The LEO in the video said he wished more citizens would exercise those rights because there would be much less crime.

From my point of view, i find it hard to argue with him.
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