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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
I'm trying to avoid wheel/tire packages that require adding camber to fit... but that does look fantastic!
I've done extensive modification and tracking with an E92 so I have some experience. I hope it's good.

APEX makes an 18X8.5" wheel for the E9X. If you want track wheels go square and as wide as possible. Camber is probably the single best handling upgrade you could do and besides wheels, would be my first.

Not sure if this is the case, but tire wear on the inside has a lot to do with the toe than and with adjustable camber plates you can easily (5 minutes) adjust them for street use after a track day.

BTW, 17s out perform 18s in some cases and at the level of driver here, me included, 17s would never be why you're not as fast as you think you should be. Add that wheel and tire cost is a lot less and I would always opt for them unless I was sure 18s we're better.