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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
I find it interesting that it's $76 for the materials, yet the dealership I went to charges $57.95 (does not include M or diesels). Wondering if they actually do the work, I put a mark on the filter cap, and declined a loaner and watched from a glass window. The SA told me they make zero on the oil change, but it gets customers through the door which is what they're looking for.

I have the Assenmacher wrench, the MANN filter, and the oil. But at $57.95, I'll keep letting the dealer do it.
That's pretty incredible! I've never seen dealer oil service prices that low - could you post the name and location of your dealer..? Would be good to know.. At that price, there's no incentive to DIY, except to be close to the car and its mechanicals..