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Originally Posted by VMRWheels View Post
Check if you'd like to see different tire sizes on different rim widths.
Wow. Whoever made that library was obsessively dedicated. Thanks for that link. That does help immensely to visualize the effect!

Originally Posted by N8N View Post
... but that's actually the "Section Width" which is the overall width of the tire at the widest point when mounted on a specific rim which the tire mfgr. usually lists in their specs

if you go here and click on specs

you will see that that size of a PSS has a tread width of 8.2" so it will probably look/ride/handle best on a 18x8 or 18x8.5 rim (that is, close to the width of the tread.) A wider rim will look stretched; a narrower rim will make it look pinched a little like someone who put 60's on their old musclecar's stock rims. A 235 is exactly 8.5" wide tread width so that would be a darn near perfect fit on a 8.5" wide rim (which is what the previous poster said, just in a different way.)
I also did not know that - treads are measured based on a specific rim.
Thanks again, very helpful!

Sorry for the late reply guys, got sidetracked and luckily found this thread with your replies again.