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If only it was that easy, Last weekend my wife said for Christmas I would like a sack full of presents this high and would like one for each year so 49 ! and quality not shit .

I was telling my friends 21 yr old daughter who said that is only proper and so you should and your wife doesnt look more than 40 so I thought that could save me some money say id forgot and get it down to 40 presents, I then thought I have only been with you for 22 years so thats all I'm buying 22, I went in to town yesterday and came back 650 worse off and tbh , I think its a rip off because I have bought perfume ,boots, earrings,and cant see much else.

Id have much rather bought her a new tv lol.

Christmas is a total stitch up , I have asked for her to donate my money as a gift to Battersea Dogs Home or the RSPCA.