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Originally Posted by Teeeg28 View Post
Not sure if this thread will be popular but Im bored and have time to waste
(Not sure if this is already a thread, but if it is..... no need to flame me for it because I can do what I want motherfuckers!)

Anyways, When I bought my e90 I got to be honest I knew NOTHING about a 325, 328, 330, or 335 lol. I only got my 328 because it looked fast and it was a bmw Not until months later did I join the forums and became educated about the car I drive. 2 Months in I realized that the right 3er for me was the 335 and then I started modding to make up for the "coolness" factor I thought I lacked.

But then I realized, it was probably for the better that I did not get a twin turbo charge 300hp engine, because of the way I drive my 328 I would have killed myself by now.

Now all my buds refer to me as "BMW boy" because they are impressed of all my bmw knowledge that I have gained form this website. haha I find it quite comical and I kinda take some pride in that

So long story short at first I was all bummed I didn't do some researching about the 3 series before I purchased but now I know the 328 is the right car for me and sets me up to gain much respect for the power of cars ( considering I dont have that much )

How about you guys? Any regrets? even though I hardly doubt it, they're all great cars!!
I did a lot of research for all 3 series variants including M3. I think the best values are used 330 and M3. Why? Simply put performance and reliability. If you need to fix something it is not a big deal.

I have a few mods and have no problems keeping up with 335s on track regardless of how much power they have cause they can't use it. There is some advantage on straights but lighter weight helps 330 in the curves. Also, I can't even use 50% of performance on public roads, other cars seem like slow motion so I just chill and watch people. :-)

My friend at work has 335 xi M-sport and he had hard time keeping up. To sum it up I love modded 330i, 325i and 328i. I did not want to pay BMW for their cheap N54 & N55 implementation. Excellent design on paper but poor implementation (cheap parts)!! BMW engineers must be pulling their hair out over the mess and embarrassment due to bean counters. I honestly feel bad for them cause I have to deal with this all the time at work.

Metaphorically speaking - it is awesome to have a one night stand with a model but not the best longer term option! lol

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