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Originally Posted by fatgrandma View Post
Look kingofthedemo, from other threads you posted in, you seem like a fun guy, so I really don't want to start an arguement with you.

Just let me have my opinion and you can have yours. It's true that we are omnivores by nature, no doubt about it. Any kind of rifle however is not natural. It would be natural if that mofo would catch that squirrel with his bear hands. And even then I would say it wasn't necessery. I also don't get your sense of humor and don't know what made you laught about this vid. For me it's not funny.

So let's just stop here please. I see I can't change your view on things and you will not change mine.
Natural!? Who cares if something isn't natural such as a weapon, its a part of evolution and we have evolved to the point that we may create something so we don't have to catch it with our bare hands. So when primitive humans starting hunting with bow and arrows to survive, was that wrong? At least he is attempting clean shots and not torturing animals.

Take your PITA arsh to some third world country and prevent people from eating dogs and cats, now thats wrong!