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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Dude, the engine holds 7 quarts of oil. Letting it drain for 20 minutes, 2 hours, or 30 days is not going to get any more oil out of the engine than what is already in there when you start to drain it.

Don't rely on the E-dipstick to give you the same level of precision that a mechanical dipstick does. The E-dipstick does not work on the same principle as a mechanical dipstick. Drain the oil, change the filter (suck out the small amount of residual oil in the filter housing), and add 7 quarts of oil. No more or no less. You are thinking about it waaaaay to hard.
Yep agreed, it's really as simple as that and there's nothing more to it. The extra qt is only if the display reads below the max mark. But actually, the volume of oil that drains out does depend on a number of factors like the oil/engine temp, inclination (ramp vs no ramp), whether or not the filter is pulled first, and of course duration. 95% of the oil will drain out in the first few mins but I have a tried and tested way of doing this which I will stick to, thank you!