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I've been looking on Cobb's site and it shows that an "aggressive" Stage 1 tune will yield a gain of 8%HP / 6%TQ on a 335is. I'm not sure if they are basing the TQ numbers off of overboost or not. I'm also not exactly sure what an "aggressive" Stage 1 tune is. I thought Stage 1 was just stock setup?

Is is worth it to get Cobb for Stage 1 only? I may upgrade to other stages in the future but that's not something I'm doing anytime soon.
worth it but when you over right the stock tune you will no longer have overboost. you will still have your gears if you use launch control tho. car will still know to pin point perfect shifts using launch control even with the tune but you'll have massive wheelspin due to making more torque and horsepower.

Get the stage 1 now and when you get more parts you can download stage 2 aggressive and if you get more parts than stage 2 aggressive+FMIC. When your ready for the best you can do for your car + full bolt ons. than get a protune in the end. Few 335is has touch 11.9 already with FBO+Protune including me. goodluck sir! if you need any help with modding your car pm me.

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