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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
my dealer just keeps fighting it with "there is no update available at this time" so i finally just told them that in order to update maps via USB, i am looking for this simple update." The car is already there for service anyways and i just had them inspect it as well. This is so frustrating dealing with them over a simple software update. Its not like i asked for a new transmission.

Update. Dealer denied there even is an update available. SA was no help. Either was the tech. Service manager is calling me Monday.
Technically what you're asking them to update is the vehicle's ISTA/P firmware/software. I know my car has version (the X.37.X.X.X is the version number since they all start with 2 now). There is no way for the end user to check what version you have without coding tools, but the dealer told me what mine was. I believe the current version is now 47. They can hook your car up and see what version you have and I can almost guarantee you have a version older than 37 (I think the '09s shipped with version 33 or 34).

They're probably pretty reluctant to do it because from what I've been told, each module in the car needs to be updated separately and the whole process takes hours. It's a slow data transfer, multiple reboots, etc, and sometimes they have to repeat updating a module multiple times if it fails on the first try. It's definitely an all-day affair. The other reason they don't just do this at customer request is because it can also introduce new problems to other systems in the car since you're updating the entire car, not just the iDrive/navigation. Everything needs to be on the same page to talk to each other.

If they still claim there is no update, because of what you've already stated about your firmware behavior yours is old enough to be affected by the 'shopping cart bug'. This bug showed up in the first CIC vehicles where in you tell iDrive NOT to display POIs on the map, but even with every POI disabled when you zoom in to 400 feet or closer the shopping cart icon still displays. In urban areas with lots of shopping POIs the icons can literally cover the map and keep you from seeing the streets. The fix: update the ISTA/P because this was fixed in later versions. Here is the SIB that covers the problem.

SI B 65 04 09
Audio, Navigation, Monitors, Alarms, SRS April 2009
Technical Service

Shopping Cart Icons Displayed Permanently

E82, E88 *(1 Series) from September 2008

E90, E91, E92, E93 *(3 Series) from September 2008

E60, E61 *(5 Series) from March 2009

E63, E64 *(6 Series) from March 2009

F01, F02 *(7 Series)


The shopping cart icon is permanently displayed in the navigation map display in scale 400 feet and below, even when the setting for display points of interest (POI) is set to "No Points of Interest".

When scale 800 feet and up is selected, it is not displayed.

Software issue in the Car Information Computer (CIC)

Do not replace parts! Please explain the cause of the problem to the customer. This Service Information will be updated as soon as an improvement is available.

Information only

So if they don't want to fix your USB problem (because it may not be documented), you can go this route and get this problem fixed, which will by default fix your USB problem.

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