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Originally Posted by tigermack View Post
Should have bought a e36 as an autocross car. lol
I disagree, for the type of autocross that goes on in Little Rock and the small parking lots, the e30 will be better. I drove both before making this decision.

Originally Posted by DZhengHellaFlush View Post
Wow con grats. Ive been looking for a e30. my buddy got a super sick e30 m3 all deck out. Ill post some pics when he comes by. btw how much did you pay for that.if you dont mind me asking) and since its such an old car how much are the price ranges. i dont wanna get ripped of when i buy
You can buy a very rough car for $1k and put another $2-3k into it. The prices range from $1k for a beater all the way up to $7-10k for a motor swap or turbo e30 in perfect shape. Honestly, you should be able to find something at any budget in the e30. I've always loved them and I'm the type that likes very light and nimble over fast so I went with the 318is with the m42 DOHC 4 cyl.

I paid $3300 like Tigermack stated, but the car is already set up with springs, struts, swaybars, a chip, and medium case LSD.

Originally Posted by tigermack View Post
He paid $3300 with 204k...
The car has 200k+ miles, but the motor, transmission, suspension and diff do not. Well worth the price in my opinion.