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Originally Posted by 1lyfe View Post
Something similar happened to me once. I was on the 404 hov lane and a corolla was tailgating me to the point where I can clearly see his face in my rear view. The thing was I was already driving 140 and couldnt cut out cause of the double solid so I waited for an opening and when I was about to take it he hops into that lane and guns it almost side swiping me. Fine thats my fault but the asshole cuts me off and then slams on his breaks to a complete stop. Not a big issue cause I know my breaks are good enough but the suv behind me almost rear ended me. Naturally I was super pissed and I was ready to do the same and let him rear end meso hard it would be a total loss just so I could get my revenge. Luckily girlfriend was in the car so she calmed me down. Spent the next week finding his car by license plate number and found him parked at a strip mall near my place.
Keyd his car bumper front to back hood doors and roof. Left him a piece of paper on his windshield saying
Courtesy of a bmw driver

I dont take shit like this
If I had my suv I would just pit maneuvered him
Call me next time, I have a bat in my trunk during the winter and 5 iron during the summer. Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci claiming self defense.

Kidding of course.

There are lots of dick drivers out there, best to be safe and calm.
Organized crime is alive and well: It's called auto insurance