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I bought my car from VOB / bmw of rockville a year ago and i have been servicing my car with them for a while now. They have been fine. Except what happened today was completely horrible.
so here is the story. I went in to give my car for a service and i said to check some stuff including the gear shifting. They said they would not be able to give it back to me the same day and therefore i would get a bmw loaner. I went out to lunch somewhere near by and i was in the car when i saw someone revving their car from the stop light to the next stop light. I turn to look and low and behold its my car that was being redlined from stop light to stop light. Thats not even the worst part. I went in to speak with the manager and i told him the story. He starred at my face blankly and did not even apologize. And then he said he couldnt do anything and when i asked him to call the guy who test drives the cars to speak with him, he refused. He also tried to pass it off as if they were testing the gear shifting which is complete bull#@$%. And as i was leaving i said it was horrible service, he even told me to take my car back. Can you believe the atitude on this guy, he even told me to take my car back and did not even apologize once. Unbelievable, worst bmw dealer ever. They should loose their right to sell bmw's they ruin the brand for people like me who love it. :mad0 260: