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The repair saga is finally finished with the alignment, aerial and windows all sorted after the repair. Had a nice little 62 reg 118d coupe, which was the other car of choice when looking at e92, glad i got the e92.

Anyway, the radio is finally in. A moment of silence...........

11am - 4pm - testing then install

A few points......

Galaxy S3/Note owners you will need a 5 pin to 11 pin usb adapter.

this is not readily available in UK samsung stores and i am waiting to here back from the flagship store in stratford, so will update you guys.

The instructions you get with the kit are worse than ikeas. Use the dynavin guide i posted earlier and you'll be fine.

You will need to trim the sides of the air con controls to it fit in the bottom (mine sticks out currently as i need a file).

Cd-AH200C - the red cable is very short, i recommend lengthen it as the fuse on the end is a pain the tuck away. Also don't do what id did. the correct 12V feed is the thick red cable going into the cig lighter not the brown one.

Fuse box - I'm currently going through trial and error with the fuse location. I tried the one not used below 45, that cut out after 20 mins so settings gone, so moved to 35 and am testing. If anyone knows the correct one please share because my fat hands can barely fit in the opening.

The fasica kit is a bit cheaply made but looks the part. the brackets used to fix the radio in place are made of plastic too, which i think should have been metal for the price paid.

There was just enough space to shove all those wires the the cavity. I drilled a hole through the base of the cig lighter so the usb lead is rooted there. and ipod lead is rooted through to the little glovebox to the right of steering wheel (RHD).

Other than that no issues, rooted the GPS and mic via left A Pillar. GPS is in the corner of the dash. A Pillar is removed by screw behind plastic airbag tab and sliding up and out. Front roof light is removed by unscrewing sun visor screws closest to light and popping light out from behind headliner.

Other than that no issues. If anyone gets stuck give me a shout and i'll post some pics of mine soon, after i get the controls flush. As i test i'll report back also so stay tuned