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Originally Posted by Pontrelli View Post
So if you did decided to throw the 2nd Amendment out the window and ban guns...these mentally unstable people would just resort to using other "types" of weapons....anyone remember Timothy McVey?
Would they? Is it really that inevitable? Is there an Australian equivalent, for example ? Why do the crazies down under not commit these mass murders? Is it something in the water ? In all seriousness, this is something we need to look at, IMHO, rather than just adopting some defeatist attitude, give up, and just say, well, I guess our kids will continue to be in danger, because I am a good gun owner so I dont want to give up my right to carry.

I wonder if everyone in Sydney walks down the street in terror everyday, because they cant pack a gun, so they cant shoot back if someone shoots at them?

Or, maybe they are content, not because they are exercising their right to carry a gun to defend themselves, but because they know they dont need that right to make it home in 1 piece.