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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Would they? Is it really that inevitable? Is there an Australian equivalent, for example ? Why do the crazies down under not commit these mass murders? Is it something in the water ? In all seriousness, this is something we need to look at, IMHO, rather than just adopting some defeatist attitude, give up, and just say, well, I guess our kids will continue to be in danger, because I am a good gun owner so I dont want to give up my right to carry.

I wonder if everyone in Sydney walks down the street in terror everyday, because they cant pack a gun, so they cant shoot back if someone shoots at them?

Or, maybe they are content, not because they are exercising their right to carry a gun to defend themselves, but because they know they dont need that right to make it home in 1 piece.
I mean without getting into a total anthropolgical discussion..the simple of it is..we are a violent society with a violenty history. From day one we've taken by force and used violence to bring order. The fact that we are a multi-ethnic nation probably doesnt help either.

I certainly dont have an answer as to why certain countries dont exhibit the same behavior that we do. But I do know its not going to be solved by banning guns. The violent tendenices are still there deeply rooted in who we are