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Error code 29F2 - Advice

Hi guys/girls, I've just bought an evolve r-cable to get my 2007 335i remaped...however I have the 29F2 error code.

"1) 29F2 fuel high pressure system, fuel pressure"

I have cleared the error, run the car for a week and its come back. It seems to occure when I have had a spirited drive home, and it occurs the next morning. Only happened twice but on startup it says "reduced power..". I re-start the car and its fine.

So, I believe I need to get the car sorted before the remap...(note, car has had the bmw firmware fix released a few years ago).

The bmw independant specialist advised me it could be the HFP sensor which would cost 100 to fix plus an Autologic code read (extra 50!).

Do I need that extra code read? they say it gives them more detail to diagnose.

Also, if its not a sensor...and turns out to be the pump, is it worth getting a warrenty to cover it? (costs alot to fix?)

Advice really welcome here.