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Originally Posted by E90-07 View Post
SES light would only come on if i was driving and had a misfire under accel or WOT. but if i turned the car off then on again it cleared the light. And same occasionally it behaved normal. like the funny thing that day to me was i took it to my dealer and as soon as i pulled into the service bay, like no rough idle nothing and had to rev the nuts off the car to recreate the misfire. sounded good tho hearing the PE in a service bay lol but still made me cringe when i heard if misfire. but most likely my friend you have a leak in your valve cover gasket.
yea, sounds like a good place to start with a smoke test. i cant even try to disconnect each coil and check cuz the car acts normally. maybe i shud misfire and then try that. Car has been behaving on WOT recently, except yday i misfired twice.