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So, the calls for action continue. What, exactly, would we do differently?

-Mental evaluation prior to purchase. Of course that amounts to licensing to own a weapon, something that is probably not acceptable to strict adherents to the 2d Amendment. Also, sanity is a tenuous thing and certainly not permanent. And of course it will take about two cosmic minutes for everyone to know what the "right" answers are. I guess you could also require yearly "check-ups" but that won't go over well and, can we depend on a government bureaucracy to reliably detect legitimate mental illness? And what kind of mental illness disqualifies one--ADHD, psychosis, sex addicts, alchoholics....? Gets kinda deep kinda fast.

-Required training prior to ownership. Of course that may make people feel good but has no capacity to catch the whack jobs. And of course criminals simply won't do it. Already required in many states for concealed carry.

-Restriction on the number and/or type of weapons that can be owned. Of course that already exists in some respects when it comes to automatic weapons, short barreled rifles/shotguns. May seem reasonable but in reality, more laws only control law abiding people and, again no impact on the deranged. And of course, if any of my weapons end up on the banned list, well, they will probably be "lost" in a boating accident prior to confiscation.

-Declaring insane use of a firearm to be illegal (Bwahahahahaha!). Sorry, lost it for a minute.

-Mandatory and severe penalties for use of a firearm in commission of a crime. Good for criminals, no impact on the insane.

-Mandatory penalties for anyone who fails to secure their weapons sufficiently to preclude use in a crime (or deranged mass murder). Now this one I might be able to go for. It could deter access out of fear of punishment. Doesn't keep an adult from buying his own but could help keep under-aged from gaining access. Would certainly buoy up the gun lock business. Of course it could be extended to gunshop owners who miss the signs of mental illness, don't administer the sanity check or "should have" been suspicious.

-And of course, the totally outlandish notion that many gun control folks would jump at. Total confiscation of all firearms. Impossible to execute, all that will do is get a lot of "confiscators" killed. I can do for now. And remember, any "law" or regulation or sanction will have no impact on the mentally ill and only inconvenience the sane and law abiding. What else...?