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Originally Posted by AlanAZ View Post
Unless you've replaced all your coils with the latest part, then the latest plug you can use is NGK PLZFR6A11S (as you can see by the dates above, it superceded the other plug.)

As to why they are both ended, refer to this post:
So have never changed any coils yet and I'm sure it is due very soon since car has about 114k km.

From what you are saying, then I should use the older plugs and not the newest dated plugs.

What happens if I decide to replace the coils at a later date after I have changed the new plugs. Will it still work or do I have to match the plugs with the coils.

Most likely going to buy the parts and have someone/garage install it for me.
It's winter here and I have no access to a heated garage.

I just want to make sure that I order the correct plugs.
I'm looking at for plugs.


Another question for coils, my car is a 04/06 325i production and from the site they have 2 different set of coils to choose. Which one is the one I need from these 2 links? It would be greatly appreciated if you provide a link to other site about the coils that will fit my car.