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Originally Posted by ChrisAW View Post
I just play with the arrows LOL.

I was looking at the SRW-S1 motion sensing wheel since I dont want something bulky that sits on the desk. Is that thing any good?
the logitech wheel is awesome. I haven't used any other wheels for comparison though. The force feedback is great. after a few hours of practice, qualys, and the race (each race) i have to take a break! lol

I like it because when you start to lose traction, the wheel starts ease up, almost like it would in a real car. The feedback through different turns is amazing. (example) turns 1-3 in Malaysia, going from a long right hander to the hard left and having to get on the throttle at the right time proved REALLY difficult when I took the traction option off. Turn 11 in China sucks for me as well. the wheel going from left to right like that is a little stiff, but managable. Now take Eau Rouge. a FAST right-left with this wheel is not only FUN, but really realistic (not that I've done anything near that in a real car yet). The throttle and brake pedals are really sensitive too. You barely press the gas, you're going.

I just have mine attached to my old computer desk for now and use a dining chair for the seat. lol