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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
I don't know what you're getting at, but a couple months back I had the choice to live in LA or move to manhattan instead. I went with LA and bought a car, being out on the beach with bad public transport. If I'd moved to Manhattan, I wouldn't have a car, it'd be wildly impractical. I previously lived in Boston, and didn't have a car there either. Again, completely unnecessary.

At any rate, having to move around a charge lead in a city parking spot isn't really a practical limitation any more so than having to fill up or pay the meter.

Vandalism is also a silly concern. If you're parking in the city, your car is subject to vandalism electric or otherwise.
What I'm getting at is the point that electric cars are touted as a better vehicle than an ICE vehicle for a person who lives in a city. You made my point by showing that NOT having a car altogether is even better still for a city dweller. So, if no car is better than an ICE-powered car for city life, then an electric is pointless too.

And by vandalism, I mean that it could be a possibility that a vandal, just to be an asshole, would unplug your electric car while it is charging overnight, leaving you with an under-charged car for the next day...