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Originally Posted by robertg View Post
Just got this message today. So I stopped, sat for a few minutes and turned the car back on, of course the message was gone. Got back in the car a few hours later and got on the gas and the message comes back on.

Just had the coolant flush at Russel BMW on Saturday, no problems until after this visit. Probably just coincidence.

My question who has experienced this symptom (don't all raise your hands at once)?

Where did you take it to get it fixed..other than the dealership?
What was the problem (hpfp, which I had replaced on the recall), vanos, turbo's?
How much did it cost?

My car is an 08 335i with 63k on the clock.
More than likely it was probably just something with the computer of the car and there is probably nothing wrong with it. As everything is computer based in these cars these things happen from time to time. If you get another reduced malfunction within a couple days or weeks than more than likely there is something wrong with the car. However, if this is your first time or first time in a long time it's more than likely just the computer of the car that was acting funny at the time.