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Originally Posted by Darkside400 View Post

The bmw independant specialist advised me it could be the HFP sensor which........ 50 for extra codes to be read.....
AFAIK there isn't a HPF sensor, only a LPF sensor. The HPF sensing is built into the HPFP unit.

see here LPF sensor is item 7, HPFP complete is item 1.

Does the engine suffer from the long cranking time on cold starts? or when warm after a spirited drive? Like a second or more of cranking before fire up? If so it's 99% sure to be HPFP on its way out. Very common unfortunately, in fact is there a single 335i on here that HASN'T had a new HPFP (some more than 1).

Also, how did you read the codes? do you have a BT leads, or does the evolve lead let you do this? Does it give full BMW code readouts or a restricted selection?
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