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Originally Posted by nukezero View Post
Yes, they bill for it, fine. But how was it checked out?

Did they just look at it and say oh yeah it's maybe the rails?

He didn't even offer to fix it. He didn't even push me to repair it or e even seem concerned at all. I came in with a problem and I'd like a minor diagnosis as to what's wrong?!

I was seriously hoping he would come back to me and say 'hey our tech looked at it and it does seem problematic. However in order for us to go forward and really disassemble the pieces, then we'd have to charge you $50 or $75, which of course could go towards the repair .'

However I didn't even get that kind of service!!! All he said was ' yeah, we looked at it, maybe it seems like the rail. PERIOD. End of conversation.

There was no comment about:

Do you want to fix it?
Do you want us to proceed to break it down and fix it?

I was prepared for an ass raping $$ repair which was fine. I got money.

But ,my seat still rocks. You offered no solution. Problem not solved..

Atleast tell me something like "Yeah you know what?! Your seat is bad! It's going to cost $1700 to replace it!" Okay I can accept that comment.

I'm insulted by your comment. The service adviser's attitude that day was just he wanted to leave work or something and not give a rats ass about customer's issues.

Which is why I told the service director , why hire a guy who is not helping the dealership reap in some big $$$??? A seat for $1700 is a nice margin to be had....
So why didnt you just buy a new seat? I mean you have money so that isnt the issue here.

Instead of costing him his job in his first interaction with you I would have been a man and pulled him aside and made an attempt to rectify the situation after the fact. Not go home and hide behind my email.

You aren't bmw's only customer. Just because you drive a bmw doesnt automatically give you the holy grail of customer service.

I agree it was bad customer service but if you had spoken with the guy about his error and a 2nd time came around and the same issue arose then I would side with you.

This is a public forum, I've been here for years and I voiced my opinion, don't like it? There are other forums around.