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Originally Posted by E-9-D View Post
I think you did the right thing by complaining. However, I don't think you should expect them to necessarily kiss your a** when you roll up. I want service with a clear focus on the job being done and complete attention to detail. No-nonsense in my opinion. I hate service that is overly chatty, social or up in my biz. For some reason this happens to me at the dentist. I want ultimate efficiency and I hate getting caught up in mindless conversation. I'm paying them to fix my car as expeditiously as possible and with the highest level of quality. I am not paying them to be my friend etc.

I want the job done! Nothing more and certainly nothing less!

I understand OP! I work in the gastronomy sector... You have bad day could mean: Loosing your Michelin Star, loosing your Job or having to face Tripadvisor&Co...
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