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Originally Posted by dotmit View Post
That thread doesn't tell me what the mod is. It just tells me their phone number, which I could have googled.

I would have expected someone on a knowledgeable car forum to be able to type in a few seconds what the mod entails rather than expecting me to perform a search of the forum only to get a phone number and call them.

But thanks for your incredibly helpful advice, I'll be sure to remember how helpful the people here are next time I ask a simple question.
I doubt anyone would be foolish enough to spell out in finite detail what Cooks Ferry do in terms of making your car more secure,publishing the details on an open forum has a habit of being self defeating,as I'm sure the bastard cocktards who steal the cars,probably frequent forums such as this one,to get a heads up as to what security measures they need to conquer next.

If the Cooks Ferry method is of interest,give them a call,I'm sure they'll help,I'd like to think they wouldn't be too descriptive,after all you could be a tealeaf

There is a wealth of info on ways you can DIY in this thread:

For info,moving the OBD port yourself is easy,quick and needs minimal skill,and few tools.

It also costs zilch,unless you elect to buy an extension cable for the port,or buy an OBD blank.

You mentioned 'helpful', how'd I do?

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