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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
I regret not getting a 335 almost everyday I need moarrrr powwaaaaahhh
The 328 seems to lack a lot of that in accelerations and straight lines but as far as other driving goes, like the canyons, I'm fine with it. I do still wish it was faster though. Might just swap the motor for this crashed up x6m I saw twin twerbo v8! Hahaha jk might just grab a project car or I might just be serious enough to get the v8 tt lol either way, I hope it'll work!
Sad to say though, I was exactly like you. Didn't know too much of the e9x chassis. I just knew the m3 and 328 haha I wanted an m3 to begin with but my cousin explained the crazy gas mileage and how much monthly payment was, I was willing to settle with the 328. I'm happy though, it was an mtech package out of the factory and 6mt and the m3 was only in a coupe and dct. Dct didn't seem to be fun so that was a super deal breaker lol I still wish I had an e90 m3
We have an honest one in the bunch! I applaud you good sir.
No matter what, everyone is going to justify their purchase. The one that I find laughable is the "I don't even get to use the full power of my 328/325 on the road." Gimme a break, and stop lying to yourself.