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Curious what everyone thinks about the update??
I got the stick from Tischer and the code from Serge and it updated to 2013 version in about 45minutes.

I have a 2011, so guessing my version was from 2011 (or really 2010 info).

Up until my update I felt the nav was horrible. Poor navigation, and addresses not showing up.

Now with upgrade, I'm seeing same problems.
Case in point: Looked up a LOWE's in Howell, NJ and got the address on POI lookup.
Lowe's is located at: 4975 U.S. 9, Howell, NJ 07731

However Navi wont accept the 4975 (using ENTER ADDRESS function) even though that is what is listed in POI. Navi did accept the POI when clicked, but routed me across the street to the 4976 address.

I found this to be the case very often with my 2011 version.

I hoped the conversion to TomTom would clear these issues, but I'm dubious after a few days.

Hopefully, I see some improvement after spending $100 on an upgrade that may contain data to year-end 2011 then anything in 2012.

P.S. My own house number is still not reflected. It was built in May 2012.