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Originally Posted by dotmit View Post
Coming from never having had flappy paddles before, and my only experience of them from playing Sega Virtua Racing in 1992 (which is about the only time I ever had a flappy paddle gearbox on anything) I find the push/pull ones completely counterintuitive and wish I could pull the left paddle to shift down a gear and pull the right paddle to shift up a gear... Someone please tell me there's some magic software way to activate this and I'm doing it wrong?*

*If brain software can be activated in my head, please supply activation code
You have two options:

1) Switch to the M3 paddles like I now have:

2) Change the wiring as AP confirms. Not too difficult as there is only 3 wires coming from each paddle. Further details can be found here:

Over time I did get used to the push/pull set up that is used on most BMWs, but really like the look and feel of the new M3 paddles. So will keep them until which time I find the need for the push function or I change the car and I can change them back to standard in all of a few minutes (it really is an easy job once you've done it the once and are aware of how to get the airbag off).