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09 Lifters being replaced.

I just bought an 09 328i with 57km.

After viewing the threads on the noisy, ticking hydrolic lifters I decided to buy the 09 as apparently the lifter problem had been solved in the 09 LCI N52 motor.
A week after getting the car home I was greeted by a noisy exhaust lifter one evening, damn! this can't be happening, this is an 09, so I thought.

The next day I drove to Otto's BMW in Ottawa where I had previously booked the car in to have them look at whirling turbine sort of noise that makes the vehicle sound more like an old bus. (This whirling noise seems to be a re-occuring theme on the forums). While showing the SA the car I mentioned the lifter noise and he said he would look into it.

Two hours later the SA returned with a smile on his face saying that the noisy lifters would be covered under the BMW PUMA warranty, bring the car in Friday.

Sure enough as to the Service Notice my car was a September 08 build and had the old lifters, the new lifters to correct the issue didn't start being installed in the new motors at the factory till November of 08.

Oh yeah, the whirling sound I originally brought the car in for was normal; BS I thought, Friday we'll have the SA out for a drive.