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My 2 cents: I went from a Celica All-Trac Turbo that I had modded to around 300hp vs 200hp stock. Same engine as the MR2 Turbo. I had it for 12 years and loved it. After my daughter was born I rarely got to drive the All-Trac since I parked it at my parents' house and was driving a Nissan Murano. Really missed driving something sporty, so since the All-Trac isn't kid friendly I sold it, let my wife drive the Murano, sold her VW Jetta, and I bought the 328i.

I knew I wanted/needed a 4 dr sedan that was sporty so I was looking at the 3 series and Audi A4/S4. Found a 07 335i 6 spd with 78k miles at the local BMW dealer for only $17,990. It wasn't in perfect shape, had scratches that were touched up, trim was faded, etc. Interior was in pretty good shape, but definitely some wear on it. It was black on black (not my favorite) but overall it looked good. Here's the kicker though - they had it priced $1000 more originally and dropped it before it even got to the lot. That makes me think they found something mechanically wrong with it. At this point I knew nothing about the HPFP and injector issues. I probably would have bought it if it weren't for my wife being hesitant about it, just because it was so quick. I had driven a Dinan chipped/exhaust 335i 6 spd a few days before which was crazy fast, but this stock one was still very quick, a little quicker than my All-Trac I think. So the black one was priced way below book value, so I shied away from it. Really couldn't find any other good condition 6 spd 335i's in my price range, so I started looking at the 328i and found pretty much the perfect one at a dealership 10 miles from my house. 08 Monaco Blue with saddle brown leather, sport pkg, 6 spd, 60k miles, 1 owner no accidents. Almost flawless inside and out. Took it for a test drive, of course it was much slower than the 335i, but by then I had learned about the 335i reliability issues, and I loved the way it drove. I had to have it, and don't regret getting it. Even went to a BMW meet a few days after buying and the 335i guys were talking about all the problems they've had with theirs. Other than the water pump occasionally failing prematurely on the 328i there's not really anything to worry about, and it's an inexpensive do-it-yourself job.

I've since added matte black grills, tint to the orange turn signal part of the headlights, and tinted the windows. Also Santa should be bringing me a BMS Powerbox and DTRL harness for the angel eyes. I'll get LED angel eyes later on. Love the way it looks even more now, and the Powerbox should give it a little more pep and better driveability. I test drove an auto 328i with paddles and it was boring to me, so I'm really glad I waited to find a good 6 spd.

If the 335i didn't have its issues, yeah I'd love to have one, but when your price range coincides with ones that aren't under warranty anymore, it's just not a good choice for me. Yeah the HPFP has its own 10 yr/120k miles warranty, but I plan to keep the car for a long time and don't want to deal with it once that warranty runs out. Frankly, I don't want to deal with the car possibly being in the shop on numerous occasions even under warranty either. Then there's the injector issues, and the twin turbos - who knows if the previous owner(s) took care of them? Did they put the right oil in it and change it regularly? Did they try to run the thing on 87 octane? You never know. I was a maintenance freak with my All-Trac. Changed Mobil 1 oil every 3k miles and turbo timed it since the day I got it (which got old if you're parking on an incline and don't trust the parking brake alone because then you gotta wait on it). Original turbo was still going strong at 122k miles running 14-16 psi boost. Stock is about 8.

So yeah, I don't regret getting the 328i. Sorry that was more like 50 cents instead of 2.