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this is the last thread I want to be posting in, especially as a first post !!

Bought an 07 320i se coupe/convertable for the wife yesterday, having test driven extensively on Saturday. After a 2hr drive home the car had zero power when pulling away from the rounabout at the bottom of the motorway sliproad 5 mis from home. Didn't stall, but was literally like a snail. from each standing start the car was the same.

Today, the car is ok again, not powerfull and feels like it is being 'held back' when accelerating, but drivable.

Needless to say, I wish I'd found this thread first as it was a private purchase. Having said that, it's very high spec and in excellent condition appart from the obvious!!

I've now had a chance to go back through the receipts that came with the car and it looks like all the injectors, coilpacks and plugs where changed in January this year.

Then in November, it looks like the spark plugs and coils where changed again.

I know I need to get is scanned, so first question is can anyone recommend a good cheap fault reader that will work ?

Is it the case that the injectors only last a year (gulp!) and what's the cost of having them replaced? they've done about 10k miles.

I would like to try and get the car sorted, rather than bin it now, even if I can have some fun with it until spring/early summer next year.

I have read a lot of this thread, but not all of it - it seems that some people have got their problems fixed permanently and others have not. I'd like to get this sorted if possible : )