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Talking UK IB install - Fi Audio IB3 12" + DLS A6 + Helix P-DSP + Vibe Litebox

Finally I have got my car to the stage I was thinking of, it's been a long journey! Here are some pics and some general feedback. I got the car back on Friday but it was a horrible weekend with getting a puncture 70 miles from home.

Firstly I want to thank MrSingh for doing a really good install. Left the car with him Wednesday night and got it back Friday night. It was cold and rainy but got most of it done! A few bits and pieces still to do as I needed the car back on Friday.

My first impression was that the sub plays amazingly low and clean. The bass just sounds like its filling the whole car, like you're bathing in bass. My previous subs (very long time ago) were totally different experiences. My initial worries of it not having enough SPL are now gone.

The Fi is currently crossed over at 60ish Hz 12db Butterworth and 20Hz 6db Butterworth. There is more than enough output for me as at the moment I have the sub output level turned down to -7db on the P-DSP, and on some tracks it sounds perfect, some way too much. This might be because the DLS gains are set to optimum (870w @ 2 ohm). This may be an excuse to go fully active up front in the future to get more headroom. I also really need to get the sub control sorted out, which is just a case of getting the components as I have the schematics from Helix. At the moment I either have to use the OEM base level or get my laptop out.

My plan is to spend the next week or so listening to how different tracks sound. The EQ is completely flat and currently no TA, i'll try and do TA some time. I'm going to keep the crossovers that were set up by Am but these may change. My ears have been listening to stock rears only, on HU power, for the past 2 months so I want to get used to the sound before changing anything. Then i'll try experimenting!

I think the mid to high frequencies definately need to be EQd. It doesn't sound bad but its using the factory EQ. So at the moment it doesn't sound as good as what the MS-8 was able to do. This will be a big challenge for me but hopefully I will get there one day having fun along the way!

Things I need to do now are deaden the rear as I can hear slight rattle on some tracks. Its very quiet but annoying. I also need to get a bigger fuse at the battery as it blew once (currently 60A) and give some ventilation to the DLS, which would only involve cutting a hole underneath the rack for its internal fan. At the moment its screwed down on a piece of wood with no air around it. After 1.5-2 hours of continuous play it gets way too hot to touch and it went into protection mode once. This may also be because of the small fuse at the battery. I am also thinking of upgrading the power wiring to 0AWG to the distribution block and 2AWG to the DLS if possible.

So there are a few bits and pieces that still need to be done but all in all an excellent result. Here are some pics. Before any of you say, yes my boot is dirty due to numerous trips to the waste dump!

The baffle made by MrSingh:

Baffle and sub installed:

Helix and Litebox. Mr Singh unfortunately ran out of his tie cables so the duck tape is just temporary!

A few more pics of the baffle:

The amp rack, which needs a bit of carpeting to finish it off:

Amp rack covered:

Underneath the amp rack:

From inside. This was taken just after the sub was installed so still a bit dusty, still need to put the logo on!