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E9x 328i Brake work - Need some good avice.

My E93 328i's front and somewhat rear brake pads ( rotors as well) are due.
The car is at around 64k miles.
I will go for all 4 sides in one go.
BMW dealership quoted $1200 for front+rear rotors, pads & sensors.This price includes labor and tax.

I went to check with M.D. Motorwerke in Somerdale NJ. Their quote is as following.)
1. $1000 + Tax (probably $70-80) if I get brakes from them.
2. $500 labor if I get my own brakes.

I was suprised why would this shop quote almost similar price as of the dealership. why would someone go to this shop just to save $120 or just 10% ??

Can someone please recommend a good shop around South Jersey area to get the brake work done with somewhat better price.
If I'm going to get similar quote, I will stick with BMW dealership.

I would really appreciate if someone can point me to rotor/pads brands which are OEM. I've done a lot of search on this forum, still not sure about the brand names.

Thanks in advance.