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Originally Posted by harrycoutinho View Post
I will be going to pickup my car as soon as they call me. And I am definitely going to speak to the GM then. And please don't try and imply that I am a bitter ex employee. I am an engineer living and working in hagerstown. I am only sharing what happened to me, take it or leave it.
No offense intended. If what you say is true it is a terrible story and a black-eye on the improving reputation of the dealership.

What I don't understand is, if you were so upset with how the dealership treated you and your car and this "manager" even went as far as to tell you "to take your car back" that you decided to leave your car for them to continue to work on. Personally, I would have immediately taken my car to another nearby dealer.

Again, why don't you share the name of your SA and the manager you spoke with?

BMW of Silver Spring would probably be as equally convenient for you coming from Hagerstown.

PS: The GM's name is Larry Sevrin.