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Originally Posted by drmdvl View Post
Did you get your lease yet?

If not - the numbers you provided do not seem to add up. If it is that MSRP, MF, Term, and residual value you should be around 415 a month before tax - I do not know what your sales tax is.

That is without a further 2000 cap cost reduction - your drive off should be only your first months payment + tax and the dealer fee to write your lease (usually 250-500ish).

If you use the numbers above not including 2000 down, but instead put down say only three MSD's ~$1350, you buy your MF down from .00135 to .00107. You save about $576 in interest charges and get your MSD back at the end of your lease term. Putting money down like the dealer suggested is just prepaying your lease payment - enticing because you see a lower monthly payment, but deceptive. This scenario should put your payment just a touch under $400 a month not including tax and your drive off would be about 1800.

Good luck
I actually did get it but I'm pretty sure you're off on some numbers. You're not including registration and other bullshit fees they include in the down payment. I don't have the contract with me but here's a breakdown of the old numbers.

MSRP: $54,600
Residual at 60%: $32,760
Selling Price: $44,850
Total Depreciation: $12,090
Base monthly payment: $335.83
Interest per month at .00135: $104.77
Monthly Payment with interest: $440.60
Monthly Payment with tax (8.75): $479.16

I got my car without any MSDs. $2,180 drive off $470/month with tax. I also traded in my old lease which they valued at $500 less than my payoff. So divide that into the payments as well which is around $15/month I got a pretty decent deal. The car is $2,600 under invoice. Without my trade I would have been around $450 a month with tax which was my goal.