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Thanks for the DIY!

Mine went from a few noticeable cracks to complete deterioration in what seemed like a few weeks. Figuring the fix was an expensive job that should be left for the professionals, I wasn't going to do anything - until it started flapping in the wind.

Luckily I found this DIY and got it done.

Removal took an hour: I kept breaking the aluminum spine with pliers. I learned that starting from the middle did not work for me - I started from one end (after ripping the corner piece off) and pulling out and away with a slight twisting motion helped the aluminum C to pull away from the windshield.

Clean up took another hour: I used goo-gone, let is soak and then just rubbed off the residue. Cleanup of the goo-gone mess was relatively easy - I just washed the car with Mr Clean carwash soap. A quick rinse & dry followed by a swipe of alcohol prepped the surface.

Install took maybe 15 minutes: Starting from one end, I smashed the C around the windshield and rolled it in along the seam, using no water or tools. Another swipe with alcohol to remove the fingerprints and I pulled the tab and smoothed it down.

Hoping it lasts at least as long as the first one!

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