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Today, I test drove two cars:

Mustang V6 Premium coupe: This car had decent power, the seats were okay, the handling wasn't so great. The live rear axle is what everyone says it is--it makes the car feel like a cruiser and not so much a sports car. The car kind of felt like a Cadillac CTS I had driven earlier. The 04 GS 300 I drive feels sportier than this car in terms of how it can handle in an emergency situation.

2013 Mercedes E 350- The seats were horrible in the sport edition. The side bolsters do not adjust but I applaud Mercedes for trying to make this car a sport sedan as it gets very close to this category in terms of performance. The power was there but not all the way there like the 335i coupe I used to have. The handling was secure and did not feel artificial. In some ways, I think the car was trying to be a big, floaty 335i.