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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
I don't know what model years they were optional on, but the lowest HU is for sure 'business'.
In USA, HiFi+Professional HU is the lowest option I think

Here in Spain you have the Stereo speakers + Business HU as lower option which is a complete piece of shit.

4 Speakers of 4" and 2 woofers of 6,5" are the lowest in Spain (and the rest of countries I think) and only 15Wx4. (6 speakers and 60W rms total)

HiFi option has 4 speakers of 4", 4 Tweeters of 1" and 2 woofers of 8" and its offer 4x25W + 2x40W (10 speakers and 180W rms total)

The firsts Professional HU was capable:
- Logic 7
- Hifi
- Individual Audio
- Bluetooth
- CD Changer
- ...

Using MOST ring and external modules such as MULF, ULF, Sirius, CDC, AMP...

The new models come without MOST gateway depending on which equipment will be fitted. So if you have Logic7 or a CDC you need one suitable for this.

HiFi option is still available with ALL Professional HU (and with business too I think) because the HiFi amp is connected to the analogic lines.

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