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Originally Posted by BGM View Post
the biggest (and only tbh) thing that annoys me about the alpine upgrade is that on start up it takes a while to turn on.. very very occasionally it will actually cut out i.e. no amplification mid journey.. usually when it's really cold, i have no idea why but it's so rare (once a quarter) i just don't bother with it.

What is the technical reason for the amplification not kicking in straight away with the ignition?

On the whole though, great system.. and for the price i got it at (forum group buy) an absolute steal! Would do it again in a heart beat.

Only speculation here but on my aftermarket system when it was already powered and you went to say, start the car engine it would send a load of noise through the speakers which I'm sure was damaging them. Could be that there's a deliberate delay on startup to avoid this?
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