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So, car went in last week to main dealer where I purchased the car as an AUC 2 years ago.

£95 diagnosis, they said it was the n/s door seal. I explained I found this very surprising as I had seen water dripping from behind the dash, that water gathered in the glove box. I said if they do the work and it is wrong, I won't be happy as I think they have misdiagnosed. They said definitely the seal, £120 for parts and labour.

Went in yesterday for the work, got a call at 17.45 saying the work has been done, however the car is still leaking. They now say it is the windscreen bond (as well as the door seal). I said that I told them they were wrong and I had raised concerns last week. I also told them they windscreen was replaced by them a little over 2 years ago when I purchased the AUC car from them so must be bad workmanship or faulty parts, surely a windscreen fitted such a short time ago wouldn't leak. I have also been told the water leaking in has also made the airbag wet, meaning that needs replacing.

I needed my car back so went to pick it up and continued complaining. The guy said I had to pay the £120 to basically get my car back and said he would take it up with BMW to see what they can do as goodwill? So I have basically paid £215 for them to not do anything of any value.

I have told him I want my £95 back as they misdiagnosed the leak even though I told them water in glove box and behind dash, and they didn't listen to my concerns over the diagnosis.

I have told them I want the £120 back they changed me for parts and labour I didn't need.

I have told that the work they now need to do to rectify the bad workmanship of the windscreen fitting should be completed for free.

The service guy is going to speak with BMW and I am awaiting his call.

I know they didnít misdiagnose on purpose and they didnít mean for the windscreen to leak, but why should I pay for the mistakes that have been made? I couldnít get away with it in my job.

Any thoughts??!!